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My philosophy is music and mindfulness go hand in hand, and they're both cultivated through self love. Breathing in, we receive strength and vitality and with our exhale we release the toxicity of stress and worry. People of all ages can benefit from the practice of awareness and intent.

My approach to teaching begins with finding our focus, setting personal goals and targeting the strengths of each individual student. Building confidence before opening up to the vulnerability of learning a new skill is essential. The relationships created in the process help nurture the student's dedication to practice, while maintaining a sense of excitement for the performing arts. I believe the practice of being present in each moment is the start to developing strong creative and critical thinking skills, which are essential to thriving in the 21st century.


Artists, thinkers and doers truly have the power to make our world a better place! Let's do it together.

Music and Mindfulness go hand-in-hand...

Meet Max, The Mindful Monster!

With a little help from his human friends, this lovable monster is on a mission to bring simple and fun mindfulness exercises into your family's daily routine.


Actor/Puppeteer, Angela Duffy and mindfulness instructor, Jeff Cowan created something truly unique when they decided to combine puppetry with lessons in consciousness and well-being.

I'm thrilled to bring my love of Music, teaching,  writing and performing to The Mindful Monster team!  

Contact us to book a special visit from The Mindful Monster!

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